Hi, I'm David. I'm a Spanish composer, producer & teacher.

I have loved music since I was a very little boy. When I was 5, my family took me to the cinema for the first time. I saw Jurassic Park, and I fell in love - not just with the dinos, but mostly with cinema and its music.

After my first two bands (LED & Primrose) and a solo record, I made my first soundtrack ever for a planetarium session, Las Nocturnas. They gave an international composition award for it at the City of Arts and Sciences.

I obtained a degree in Sound and took studies by CalArts and Berklee while I kept making cinematic music, specializing in atmospheric ambient, trip hop and ambient pop. An improv I made, Static Places, was my first song ever in a (short) film: Eclipse.

Recently, I started collaborating with Australian artist Yellow Belly. Our song Coming Home is part of the charity album Relief: A Benefit for Puerto Rico & the Victims of Hurricane Maria, which features artists such as Grammy nominated Tracy Bonham, and it was also played on BBC Radio.

Nowadays, I am working on a documentary film, two new singles, and I'm open to new proposals.