David Vázquez is a Spanish composer and producer.

He began his music career by playing in local bands, such as electro rock duo LED or dream pop act Primrose, while taking a deep interest in ethereal, cinematic music.

In 2012, he released his first solo record, Shelter, a six track EP in which ambient, rock noir and acoustic sounds fuse and go hand in hand through a dark, story-like trip.

Two years later, he released his single Belong, and took part in an international composition contest held by the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia, Spain) to create a soundtrack for the planetarium session Las Nocturnas. He was declared as one of the winners, with a piece that includes ethereal ambient, electronic and experimental elements, such as sounds generated with the ChucK programming language, which he began to use in his music after taking studies by the California Institute of the Arts.

Last year, he presented a new, now finished, project - Reveur, and released new songs that would make it to his sophomore record, (Un)fearful, released in May 2017.

At the moment, he is working on a soundtrack for an audiobook, El Desierto Blanco, a video game, Elections in Expired City, as well as collaborating on a documentary film, Cegados Por La Luz, all of them to be released sometime in 2017.